Web Design As A Career

73 students

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The goal of the Website Designer program equips students with the unique skills they need to build websites for personalities and organizations. A graduate of this program will be able to build the following websites:

  1. Personal websites for celebrities, musicians, athletes, politicians and big personalities.
  2. Corporate websites for companies and institutions
  3. Learning management websites that host courses usually for coaches and teachers
  4. E-commerce websites for all kinds of retailers to buy and sell online
  5. Donation focused non profit websites for churches and other relief and aid organizations
  6. Conversion Focused websites for small business owners looking to gain more customers
  7. Social Media websites for small groups including rotary clubs. The websites look like facebook
  8. News media websites for influencers and those who want to develop a following
  9. Portfolio websites to showcase work for photographers and designers
  10. Membership websites for coaches and teachers


TIME: Study 10 hrs/week and complete in 4 weeks

PREREQUISITES: No prior experience needed